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Delivery Policy

Polar Insulated Sheds

FAQ sheet


What are add-ons and custom orders?

Add-ons are additions that are added to a building that does not come standard with such features. Examples of add-ons would be windows, slab or house door, tall walls etc. Custom buildings are any standard building size that includes several add-on features, custom sized add-ons or add-ons with uncommon placement as well as buildings that are uncommon dimensions.


Are there any additional costs other than building price and add-ons?

Any additional delivery cost are typically assessed, quoted to the customer prior to payment and will reflect on your invoice. Leveling will be done at the request of the customer if a pad was not previously prepared. All leveling materials will be provided at the cost of the customer as well as a $75/hr charge for leveling services.


                                                   Will I need a concrete slab for my building?

Although arguably concrete is the best protection, we recommend a crushed asphalt or gravel pad for most buildings to provide great protection from ground moisture and assist in anchoring your building. However, concrete slabs and even blocks work great for most building sizes depending on what you prefer.

What should I do before my building is delivered?

Before your Polar Shed is delivered you should make sure that you’ve chosen a clean and level location for your building. This includes your choice of pad to set your building on. Here is some more information on what should be done prior to building delivery.


What does “Clean and Level” mean?

A “clean and level” building site is one that has been removed of all debris such as tree branches, large rocks, tools and any other obstructions as well as a level pad for the building to sit on. The best way to check for a level surface is to use a level and not try to eyeball it yourself.

What kind of materials does Polar Sheds use?

Floors are built with treated double stacked 2x4’s for the skids, treated 2x4 (or 2x6 floor joists for upgraded flooring) on 16” centers and 23/32 BC Sanded plywood. Our walls, roof and even the trim used on all Polar Sheds are built using an up-cycled material that comes from a product that is commonly known as a “sandwich panel.” The panels are 1 3/4 “ thick and consists of 2 sheets of primed 26 gauge steel with polystyrene insulation in between. The product we use for all of our sheds is derived from the same materials door factories use to construct exterior steel entry doors.


How long must I wait for my building to be delivered?

Estimated delivery time is determined by factors such as available inventory stock, number of orders and deliveries ahead of yours, distance and permitting necessary and of course weather permitting. However, typically 2 weeks or less in most cases is more than enough time to expect your building to be delivered.

                                            Will my building be delivered already assembled?

Yes, We fully assemble each portable building before it leaves our manufacturing facility and they are delivered completely assembled and ready to use. However, we also offer raw un-assembled panels both cut or uncut for your own DIY projects.

Can I Rent to Own my building?

Absolutely! Polar Sheds offers Rent-to-own on buildings 6x8 and larger through a third party company which provides our customers with flexible payment plan options (24,36,48 or 60 month plans) as well as no early payoff penalties and 90 days same as cash! Click here for more information on Rent-to-own or other payment options.


                                                Will I need to get a permit for this building?

You may or may not need a permit for your building depending on what size building you’ve ordered, location of the building site and what your city’s ordinances are. If in question, you may call the Polar Sheds owner to seek further direction in obtaining your permit. 580-799-2265

                                                                 What is your return policy?

Return policies can be found here.

                                                     How and when do I pay for my building?

Polar Sheds has several payment options available including cash, check, credit card and rent-to-own payment plans. Click here for more information on payments.

                         Can my building be traded in later if I decide I want something bigger?

Yes, We realize that more times than not, what a customer needs tends to grow over time! At Polar Sheds we offer a trade in program from previous customers. Trade in value will be assessed on a few factors such as age and condition of your shed, what size you’re wanting to trade up for, as well as, the difficulty and location of the current building etc.

Delivery Policy
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